Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hooked in On-Line Shopping: Zalora Philippines Review

I've been so busy in the past months and I think it's been almost  year that I was not able to update this blog site. I got into a new job within the company I'm working, been busy setting up our first small business and of course, busy taking care with my one and only son :)
Because of these changes, I don't have much time going into the mall and shopping things for myself.
Once I got a chance to visit my Facebook account, I saw this ad from Zalora, browsed it and tried it.

This post is about  Zalora Philippines  review.

Zalora offers broad range of items for men, women, kids, beauty products and sports items.
Their site is friendly and easy to navigate.
Some of the brands they offered, for me, I haven't found it in the mall. (or just because I don't have time shopping that I don't see them :) ) any way, it's not common brand for me..
Payment methods are Cash on delivery or credit card or via PayPal. So even those who don't have credit card can also purchase on line.
Free delivery for purchases amounting 1000php or higher. They deliver anywhere in the Philippines but with the following time lines: Metro Manila - 1-3days while Outside Metro Manila - 3-5 days

During purchase, when you select the product, the pictures are zoomed to the part you want to see the detail, unlike with some buying site, I need to zoom it myself to see it. Different views are also available on for the product, rear, side, even inside..

My first purchase was last April and in terms of delivery, they exceeded my expectation.
Before, when I tried to buy online through a group buying site, the products delivered was not in that good packaging, I mean, they are all placed in plastic provided by the forwarder.
Now, when I purchased at Zalora, they are NEATLY placed in their shipping box, properly sealed and with attached return slip if the customer wants to return the product/s due to size changes or color, return should be done within 30 days. (I haven't returned any, so no comments about this for now).

The first time, I used my credit card to purchase and I was not able to read my email afterwards. It says I need to send verification of the credit card I used before they process the shipment. Having no time reading my email, I was waiting and waiting to about 3 days, until I called their hotline.
Customer service is also good. They instruct me what to do. :)

Right now, I already have 3 purchases with them, all are still in the same good shipment and on time delivery.
I am not residing in Metro Manila but I usually receive my orders within 2-3 days.

I don't have pictures to share right now, I missed to take them when I receive my orders because I was too excited opening the package.

Below pictures shows how Zalora's Site looks like. :)
ZalroaPH Homepage

Register page
Register page
Browse items

View item, select size then add to bag

Select payment mode, enter voucher code if you have

Confirm shipping details and complete payment transaction

 You use subscribe to their newsletter to avail Php250discount on the first purchase.
As Zalora Brand Ambassador, you can use my voucher code ZBAPOhp to have additional 15% discount (one time only and for first time shoppers only).

Saturday, 11 August 2012

G's Davao Travel Review : Visiting Mindanao

My husband, my son and I went to Davao sometime in February 2012 to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was a nice 6-day trip, though were not able to visit most of the attractions Davao has to offer because we also consider how tiring it would be for my 1.5 year old son.

Davao is located south of the Philippines, in the region of Mindanao with approximately 590 miles away from Manila. Davao is also the largest city in Mindanao. Davao City is typhoon-free and the people enjoy a balmy weather all throughout the year. Common mode of transportation is by jeepneys, taxis, buses and tricycles. Davao also has its international airport named Francisco Bangoy International Airport that connects to major cities not only in the Philippines but also in some Asian Countries

Where to go in Davao? Well, most of the attractions here were parks with wild animals, like the famous Philippine Eagle and Crocodile Farm. These 2 attractions houses different animals too, like birds, tigers and fishes. Eden Garden and GAP Farm are some of the nice place to go if you like go nature tripping. You can visit D'Leonor Zip Line if you're looking for some adrenaline rush. Find a relaxing stay at the beach when you visit Samal Island where there’s a lot of resort you can find. Looking for souvenir shops? Visit the city and go to Aldivinco. Also try visiting the People's Park, some museums and China Town which is almost alike Manila's China Town.

Details of my trip will be posted on my next blog.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beauty 101: Mom's Skincare (Olay Total Effects)

As a mom, we sometimes forgot to take care of ourselves because we are very busy doing our responsibilities for our family, our home, our work specially to those working moms. But this does not mean we should not take care of ourselves anymore. Skincare products doesn't have to be expensive, but it needs to be part of our routine. I believe that being simple and beautiful does not only give us mothers the confidence but this also make our children and specially our husband proud of us.

For me, I choose products that are compatible with my skin and easy to use. I choose Olay Total Effects because I'm already in early 30's and I want to fight skin ageing.

Here is my beauty regimen:
1. Wash face at least twice daily, in the morning and evening. I use Olay Total Effects Foam Cleanser. Sometimes I use the Cream Cleanser.
Foam Cleanser is just fine for me, it does not dry my skin and I feel my skin's really clean.
Cream cleanser is also great. Skin feels soft after using it, but unlike the Foam Cleanser, it does not produce a creamy lather. Both products are great for me.

2. Apply Eye Cream. I use Olay Anti Ageing Eye Cream. I have dark circles under my eye. I also think that wrinkles will soon develop like crow's feet.
Olay Anti Ageing Eye Cream is tinted and has glitters (but this it not very visible). I think this product is ok for maintenance. Right now, I haven't got the full benefit of this product to really diminish my dark eye bags and finelines but I can say that it already improved since I use Olay.

3. Moisturize. It is very important to moisturize your skin. This is the key element to fight wrinkles because it supplies all the nutrients needed to have a glowing, soft and supple skin. But different people have different needs because of have oily skin and my need light moisturizers. Some people also have sensitive skins. My advise is to choose moisturizing products that will not clog your pores (non-comedogenic) and are for sensitive skin if you are not sure if your skin is sensitive. Anyway, consult a dermatologist. They are still the best persons to give advice for your skin type.
I use 2 Olay products to moisturize. In the morning, Olay Total Effects day cream (gentle, w/ SPF 15) and at night, I use Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Night Cream. Both products are really great and I really love using it. Right after application, my skin feels really soft and smooth. I don't have much fine lines, I don't have any pimples but my problem is large pores (but not really large :) ). My pore size haven't reduce to a very noticeable level but I still keep using these products because its really good in terms of moisturizing effects.

I have plans to complete the full line of Olay Total Effects. I haven't tried the Anti Ageing Serum yet. I think this is for skin treatment. I will post again another article once I tried it.
So just for an advice for moms out there, don't forget taking care of your self. It will just take you 15 minutes a day.. Just do even the 2 simple steps, cleanse and moisturize.
Hope I made your day.
** Actually it is also important to tone your skin. But I think it depends on the product that you use.