Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Digital Perm Care Guide : Beauty 101

It has been 6 months since my last digital perm with Mr. Shin.
I can say that it still looks great, luscious and bouncy curls.
In that 6 months I have learned the tricks keeping them healthy. Actually not all of what you can search in the net can be applicable to you.
This is what I do to keep nice luscious curls all day for 6 long months now.
Tip # 1. Keep your hair moisturized and hydrated. Chemicals used in perming is really harsh to our hair making it dry and damaged, causing split ends and tangles. Try having hair treatments for treated hair. Don't use products that make hair straigther. Go for damage repair, moisturizing, volumizing.. Just avoid straightening products.
Tip # 2. Always use conditioner. At first, I though using conditioners will just make my hair go straight again. But I was wrong. Conditioners make my hair smooth and tangle-free. I think, the more tangled your hair is, the more you'll try to remove the tangles, the more it will become straight and limp. Well, if you can live with a tangled hair, that's fine.. :)
Tip # 3. Comb your hair while it is still wet, its ok..I comb my hair after bathing and then I curl it using my fingers and just let it dry that way. Remember not to comb your hair when its already dry and set.
Tip # 4. Use hair product to preserve your hair's curl. This will keep your hair in shape the whole day. You can use some wax or mousse or any other hair cream.. If you prepr using mousse, apply it while hair is damp and don't touch it afterwards. It you like wax or hair cream, use it while hair is dry or damp. Hair serum can be used to take care of your hair cuticles specially if you have split ends already.
Bottomline, Treatments everyday or as needed. Conditioner everyday. Comb when wet. Apply hair product.

I'll post pictures of what I'm using next time :)