Saturday, 3 March 2012

Beauty Brick Salon Digital Perm with Mr. Shin : Beauty 101

All my life, I have straight hair. Actually, a lot of my friends envied it.
I'm so used to having this long straight hair that I tried something new.
At first I saw an ad at Ensogo for a promo at Azta Urban Salon in Robinson's Pioneer. I tried it but I wasn't really this satisfied.
Old me
People said that when you got married and started to have a family to take care of, mothers usually forgot themselves. We'll for me it doesn't show. But of course I always ensure that they are my first priority but I never to forget taking care of myself because I want them to be proud of me as a mom and a wife.

Well so much for that.
I just like to share my experience with Mr. Shin at Beauty Brick Salon.
I was very addicted to curly hair and I actually looked and browse a lot of websites to give me a hint where to find a good salon, how to take care of permed hair, how much and etc.
Until I landed on a blogsite telling me how good Mr. Shin. and a lot of bloggers do tell it too like at

Now let's discuss digital perm 101
Look for a good salon if you are far from Mr. Shin. It's not about the price but the service matters. Lots of salons are now offering this service but for me no one does it like Mr. Shin at Beauty Brick. Anyway, its really important to tell your stylist what you want and ask a lot of questions that you think is important to know specially how to take care of your hair.
Its also important to have a healthy hair before the perming process. I have plenty of hair treatments, like hot oil and other moisturizing treatments for my hair. Perming uses chemicals that in the long run can make your hair dry so be prepared for that.
If you want to have highlights or hair colorings, do it before digit perm.
Not a lot of people tell this but always set your whole day for this process and any other beautification projects you'll get involved. Sometimes, when your in a hurry, the stylist is also in a hurry that he can't give you the service you deserved when you're in your relaxed mode. :)
The Perming Process:

1. Hair Cleaning and Shampooing
2. Hair assessment - Mr. Shin will check your hair's ability to withstand the chemicals and the most appropriate curl style. just tell him what style you wanted.

3. Application of 1st set of hair medicines as they say. His assistant will do it for you. This will be left at your scalp for 15 minutes.

4. Washing of the medicines and preparation for the curl setting.
5. Winding process, setting the curling rods.
6. Final setting of rods and preparation for the digiperm machine.Depending on your desired perm result, they will set the size and the number of minutes that you'll be in that machine.

 7. Removal of perm rods and application of the 2nd set of medicine. Medicine will remain in your scalp by 15minutes..

8. Washing of the 2nd set of medicines and hair drying.
9. Final touch up which might include hair cuts.

Procedure took about 3 hours I guess. But since they have a lot of clients, it will take you 5-6 hours in Beauty Brick Salon. Don't worry, staffs are nice as in they will offer to buy you some drink. They even give you tissues when your about to use the wash room upstairs. What I like about this salon, not only that their service is cheap compared to other salons like Tony and Jacky or Salon de Manila which also offers digiperm, staffs are very friendly that you can feel that they love what their doing which makes is favorable to their clients like us. Though most of the time Mr. Shin's assistant will handle you, he will still ensure that the most important part of the process will be taken care by him only. Like the hair assessment and final hair styling.

Hope this helps:
Digital Perming Price: 3500 (for my bra length, medium thickness hair)
Beauty Brick Salon is located Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg. 122 Jupiter St. Bel-air Makati City
Phone Numbers: 408-3398/473-5108; 0917-520-004, need to call for reservations


  1. Wow.. same experience with Mr. Shin as I..
    It is really worth the price and I will visit him again :)

  2. Visit here again tonight mommyG. Thanks a lot for your visited on my blog :)

  3. hello, what is the size of your curls? thanks