Monday, 5 March 2012

Bohol, Philippines -Review, My Travel Experience

Bohol Philippines is one of the places in the Philippines that I really wanted to see.
I don't know whats with Bohol that amaze me. maybe its the chocolate hills and the fact that I love chocolates :)

Now let me share you my review about the province of Bohol.
About Bohol
Bohol is a province in the Central Visayas of the Philippines. Tagbilaran City is the capital of this province. Located in the Western part of this island is Cebu while east is Leyte. This province is famous for its Chocolate Hills, one of Philippines natural wonders and Tarsiers which is the second smallest primate in the world.

Tagbilaran Airport

Sunny Bohol as what they call, this place was rarely passed by typhoons. May to July is their Summer season making it ideal for tourist to visit Bohol. However, November to April is also ideal, this is the mildest season in the island. August to October is usually rainy season for the whole Philippines making this also as not so predictable weather to a vacation. 

Getting there:
This tip is just from Manila. I have no ideas on other means of transportation because I haven't tried it. We got there by plane through Philippine Airlines. A lot of airlines offer regular flight schedule to and from Tagbilaran City.
From Tagbilaran City Airport, there are plenty of taxi and van which you can rent to service you. These drivers are friendly and they also offer tour packages which is of the same price with the hotel and other inns or B&B. If you choose to avail their service, they can even tour you in the whole province. Don't worry, they are really friendly and can be trusted.
For our case, the Hotel we booked already have a tour package so I haven't tried arranging service with them but the guy who serviced us was very nice, helpful and friendly.  I guess in other places, other hotel drivers will not take you to a grocery store for you to buy your needs leaving you no choice but buy in their hotel. But for this guy, he took us to a grocery and even to a store selling roasted chicken.
Where to Stay:
At Dumaluan Beach Resort
Actually there are a lot of B&B and hotels in Tagbilaran City. Walk in injuries are usually accepted (This is according to my friend who visited Bohol too)
We choose to stay at Dumaluan Beach Resort.
What makes us choose it is because of positive feed backs, and the price.
Service is very good. food is also great, they serve breakfast on buffet. Facilities are nice. Rooms are large enough. The best I like about this resort is their beach. Its white sand, and really low tides. Star fishes are there. And you can enjoy walking in the beach. Beside Dumaluan Beach Resort is Bohol Beach Club. I think this is pretty expensive. You can pass by this resort when you are strolling at the beach. This also looks very nice.

Resort Vicinity

Resort Vicinity

Dumaluan Beach Front
Where To Eat
While in Dumaluan Beach Resort, you can eat at their restaurant at affordable price. They serve sea foods, chicken and pork usually grilled. You can also try bringing cup noodles, fast food at your hotel before checking in.


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